Yeast Dough

A base dough for many savoury dishes.


What you'll need are mostly cupboard staples:

  • 600g Flour (either get dedicated pizza flour, but you may also use most all-purpose flours1)
  • 400ml Water
  • 6g Yeast (dry or active)
  • 12g Salt


  1. Measure 400ml of just below room temperature water and mix in the yeast.

  1. Mix 200g of flour and all the salt in a bowl.

  1. Pour water to the mix until everything is well homogenous, the mixture should resemble more of pancake batter now.

⏰ Let it rest for around 10 min.

  1. Add a handful of flour and mix until it's all one liquid again.

Repeat this step until the structure of the dough becomes really soft, deform with minimal pressure, not sticky on the outside, but as soon as you're using more force on it's surface.

⏰ Let it rest again for around one hour.

  1. Get the dough out of the bowl, and knead with your hands until the dough get's a bit warmer.

  1. Cut the dough into a desired piece size. And proof them again for atleast 30mins in the fridge. After that they are ready to use.

🧊 You can use the dough for about 2 days when you store it in the fridge.


When using all-purpose flour (Wheat type 550, Spelt type 630) you can use cornmeal or semolina to give some texture to the dough.